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Lifestyle considerations

Lifestyle makes a significant difference in our health. How we live has a direct impact on the overall quality of our lives. Our lifestyle choices also affect others around us and the environment in which we live. We are truly healthy when our bodies are healthy and when we have a positive effect on others and on the environment we inhabit. Taking responsibility for all aspects of our lives is a full-time job—but the rewards are great.

When and why things go wrong

Our lifestyle can result in many problems, many of which feed on each other. Excessive stress due to family or job worries can result in excessive weight gain and the health concerns that obesity brings. Stress can also lead to alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse, and the health risks to which these contribute. Our own actions can contribute to external pollution, which can, in turn, affect our health. Isolation and unrewarding social relationships can lead to a poor self-image.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle

It all starts with you. Have a healthy mental attitude and you will find that you have concern for yourself, others, and the world in which you live. This will lead to actions that reflect your concern and a better environment and health.

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