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The Healthy Cell Concept™


The Healthy Cell Concept recognizes that health starts with the basic unit of the body—the cell. Cells group together to form tissues,which group together to form organs which in turn form body systems. Just as we must have a strong foundation to support a home, so we must have "strong" cells to support good health.

Keeping our cells healthy is not difficult—it is simply a matter of living the five truths of the Healthy Cell Concept:

Five Truths of the Healthy Cell Concept

Cell Food
The nourishment our cells need can be found in pure, whole, natural, fresh foods. In some situations, we may need to complement our diets with high-quality nutritional supplements.

Cell Exercise
Our cells depend on exercise to remain healthy. When we exercise, blood circulation bathes our cells in nutrients and washes away toxic waste products. Exercise provides strength, endurance, flexibility, and mental alertness and is an excellent stress-reliever. Exercise thus promotes overall good health.

Cell Environment
Our environment is also important. The water we drink and use and the air we breathe affect each cell in our bodies. Ideally, we want our environment to be clean and healthful.

Cell Protection
The best defense against disease is our immune system. It is an amazing creation that will stand up to any challenge, whether it be bacteria, viruses, or even cancer. It can do all that we ask if we nourish it properly, get enough rest, and learn how to manage stress.

Healthy Mental Attitude
It has been scientifically proven that a positive attitude makes you feel better and even helps you fight disease. Negative thoughts can literally paralyze your immune system and worsen pain. Laughter is still the best medicine and happiness gives us extra strength.


The Amazing Body

Cells perform all the processes we need to live—such as breathing, digesting, and moving. It is these smallest structures of the body that define life. From single cells to tissues to organs to support structures, the organization of cells forms body systems. A body system is a group of tissues and organs that works together to manage specific body functions, which, in turn, control a specific aspect of our health. For example, the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, liver, and intestines form the digestive system, which transforms the foods we eat into nutrients and energy. How these systems and their components function—both independently and synergistically—determines our health.

There are many different ways to categorize body systems. We have chosen to organize them into five systems, plus categories for overall health; concerns unique to men, women, and seniors; and general lifestyle.

The five systems are the digestive-eliminatory system, the cardiovascular system, the immuno-respiratory system, the nervous system, and the musculoskeletal system (including the skin). Learning the basic functions of these systems, the disorders that affect them, and the risk factors for these disorders will help us take better care of our bodies. Learning how to support these systems through lifestyle choices and supplementation is key to finding solutions to health concerns and to living well.


Living well

Although we define body systems as separate entities, they work together. To live well, we must realize this interdependence. If our body systems are not in balance, we risk losing our health. Very often, health problems stem from this imbalance and not from the malfunction of just one body system. One example of this phenomenon could be a problem many of us have—lack of energy. We cannot say that the malfunction of any one system is the cause of this; rather, it could be minor problems and an imbalance among a number of systems.

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