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God's Way to Ultimate Health

by Rev. George Malkmus with Michael Dye

In God’s Way to Ultimate Health, Rev. George Malkmus provides a blueprint for attaining optimal health. A complete “how-to-do-it,” this packed 8.5 x 11” book will show you precisely how to change the eating and lifestyle habits that are currently making you sick. The article which follows gives an excellent overview of the book.

God’s Way to Ultimate Health is written by Rev. George Malkmus with Michael Dye, Rhonda Malkmus & Rob Vaughan

God’s Way to Ultimate Health is based on the simple premise that the human body was created by God to be nourished and sustained in perfect health on a vegetarian diet of raw fruits and vegetables.

Mankind has strayed far from that original diet handed down in Genesis 1:29. The price tag for our modern diet and lifestyle is a massive health care crisis beyond compare with any time in history.

Rev. George Malkmus makes a compelling case, from a Biblical perspective, of why we should return to the diet by which our body was originally intended to be nourished. This book contends that the nourishment God gave mankind in the form of fresh, living, raw fruits and vegetables in the Garden of Eden was as perfect as any other part of God's Creation.

But God’s Way to Ultimate Health is much more than just a Biblical theory of diet. This book offers living proof that proper diet and lifestyle can help people to prevent or heal disease. Rev. Malkmus uses the story of his own recovery from colon cancer, along with the letters and personal testimonials of people who have used this diet to recover from cancer, heart attacks, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, arthritis and other diseases -- usually after first trying the medical route with no relief. This book includes more than 100 letters from people all over the world offering testimonies about the difference this diet has made in their lives and expressing their appreciation for the ministry of Hallelujah Acres.

The cumulative effect of the Biblical truths, first-hand testimonials and scientific research in this book create an extraordinarily powerful incentive for anyone who values their health to give this program a try. The results documented in God’s Way to Ultimate Health show that something as simple as a change in diet and lifestyle can produce benefits far superior to anything that can be obtained by the more drastic and intrusive medical means of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or prescription drugs … and without the devastating side effects.

In addition to the Biblical reasoning for this diet and the first-hand testimonials that it does indeed work, God’s Way to Ultimate Health also offers the research of co-author Michael Dye, which shows the very best and most recent information available to medical science whole-heartedly confirms the wisdom of the diet handed down in Genesis 1:29.

And God’s Way to Ultimate Health helps you to make this dietary transition as easy as possible as Rhonda Malkmus offers an entire section of recipes, tips on food combining and how to set up your own natural foods kitchen.

For those who have been eating the typical American diet, God’s Way to Ultimate Health may forever change the way they think about the food we put into our body. Christians should already know our body is the temple of God; this book gives a whole new insight on how to treat it as such. And the common-sense truth of this book will appeal to Christians as well as non-Christians, because regardless of a person's religious or nonreligious persuasion, we have all the reason in the world to be concerned about our personal health and well-being.

God’s Way to Ultimate Health is a real eye-opener because most people -- even Christians who have devoted their lives to God -- give no consideration to whether the food they are using to nourish their body is in the natural and living (raw) form as it was created for us by God. The way we nourish our bodies today has more to do with our response to the television commercials of profit-oriented, multi-national junk food corporations than it does to our nutritional needs, our common sense, or what our Creator has so graciously provided for us.

Rev. Malkmus writes: "God made no mistakes when He created earth, nature and man. He did not fail to provide man with everything he needed to be properly nourished so we could experience perfect health. Man has erred by attempting to improve on what God made by cooking and processing food." He notes that every other animal in nature eats its food raw, as created by God. But man alone thinks he can cook (and therefore, kill) food, can it, preserve it with chemicals, refine it, radiate it or even create it from synthetic materials in a laboratory, and still get adequate nutrition.

It has become "normal" to live off fast foods, frozen TV dinners, processed and artificial foods fortified with synthetic vitamins, and animal products at almost every meal. We feed our children trash such as candy bars and sugar-coated cereals with artificial blueberries. We consume countless chemical additives that no knowledgeable person could even pretend to be safe.

Then after feeding our body in accordance with the ways of the world, we respond in an equally unnatural fashion when we get sick by submitting to the drugs, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and other procedures of the world's "health care" system.

For the sake of our physical and emotional health, Rev. Malkmus believes we should instead embrace God's system of health care by returning to the original diet we were given in Genesis 1:29.

Rev. Malkmus writes: "When God created man, He placed him in a garden and told him his diet was to consist of raw fruits and vegetables."

Rev. Malkmus uses the first chapter of his book, which is featured beginning on page 1 of this newsletter, to establish the wide gap between God's Way and Man's Way of dealing with health. But despite this conflict, God’s Way to Ultimate Health, shows the most up-to-date scientific knowledge available today actually confirms the wisdom of God's Original Diet, given to us in Genesis 1:29. Our modern medical and scientific experts know the fat, cholesterol and chemical additives of the meat-centered and processed American diet are directly responsible for our high rates of cancer, heart attacks and other degenerative diseases. When a person has cancer or heart disease, many medical doctors recommend they give up meat, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. The question is, why wait until a heart attack or cancer diagnosis to begin properly nourishing your body?

God’s Way to Ultimate Health offers a valuable education in all the major categories of nutrition. Michael Dye explains why synthetic vitamins and processed foods do not offer the same nutrients as raw food, and that there is a major difference between organic and inorganic minerals. And you will be surprised to discover how badly you have been misled about protein. Rob Vaughan also offers a valuable insight on the extremely important and underestimated role of enzymes, the "very secret to life itself," which are found only in live (raw) foods.

Exercise is another major ingredient to health, and this book includes recommendations on what to do to stay in shape. As with diet, the best answer is often quite simple. One of the most effective exercises is walking. And when the weather is unsuitable, the book suggests several indoor alternatives. Rob also has a very informative chapter on the technical aspects of how aerobic exercise improves the efficiency of our lungs, cardio-vascular and lymphatic system, and increases our metabolism. All of this improves our ability to transport blood and oxygen throughout the body, which gets nutrients into our cells and the harmful waste products out. And all of this points to the wisdom of the Biblical injunction that we are to earn our food "by the sweat of thy face."

Michael explains the vital role water plays in our body (after all, our body is 70 percent water) and why the water we drink should be distilled. He writes chapters on the importance of a healthy colon, and what to expect in the transition stages of changing your diet. Michael also offers the encouragement that "Giving Up Meat is Easier Than You Think."

And Rhonda makes it even easier with her recipes and tips on how to set up your own natural foods kitchen. Rhonda realizes how important this information is to those in the transitional stage of changing their diet, because that was the dilemma she faced when she married George in April of 1992.

Rhonda graciously shares her knowledge of vegetarian food preparation, and how to make this transition. She provides a lengthy list of items you should have in your kitchen, ranging from a vegetable peeler and steamer to larger items such as a juicer and water distiller. She lists dozens of herbs and natural foods with which many readers may not be familiar, along with an explanation of the flavor and uses of each item. This is a valuable section because even people with decades of cooking experience may be unfamiliar with foods such as couscous, tahini, basmati rice and quinoa.

Rhonda also includes a very helpful section on making substitutions in your recipes that call for unhealthy items such as meat stock, eggs, sugar, etc. She even tells how to make cream soups without dairy products. Many pages of raw foods recipes are also included. There are no pudding recipes, but as they say, "The proof is in the pudding." By putting these recipes to use, you will find that a vegetarian diet of at least 75 to 85 percent raw fruits and vegetables can be both delicious to your taste buds and healing for your body.

The very essence of the teachings of Rev. Malkmus in God’s Way to Ultimate Health is that God created our body to be self-healing if we give it the proper nourishment and exercise. This nourishment for self-healing must be from living food because our body is composed of some 100 trillion living cells, and these living cells must have live food (raw food) to properly function and reproduce new living cells. We replace about 300 million cells per minute with new cells, which means we are constantly rebuilding our body. About 98 percent of the atoms in our body today will be replaced one year from now. To understand that we are made of living cells that require living food is the first step in understanding the incredibly complex -- yet incredibly simple -- way in which our bodies were created by God to be self-healing.

Rev. Malkmus writes, "We should be struck with awe at what a marvelous, self-healing body God has given us. It is so exciting to realize that we can control the health of our body cells by proper diet and exercise!!! Based on what we put into our bodies... we determine what our body will be made of, and how well it will function. Thus, we can prevent sickness!!!" Rev. Malkmus emphasizes that if we give our body the living food with which God intended it to be nourished, along with proper exercise, our body can heal internal organs just as it heals a scratch on the surface of our skin. Drugs do not heal our body. Surgery does not heal our body. Only our body is capable of healing our body. But we must give our body the nourishment that promotes this self-healing.

God’s Way to Ultimate Health offers the simple but long-overlooked Biblical truth about the food our body was originally intended by God to use for nutrition, along with an "amen" from modern science, personal testimonies that show this diet does indeed work... and even the recipes and tips you need to make the transition. This big book of over 250 8.5-by-11-inch pages will serve as a spiritual inspiration and a How-To Manual to help you maximize your body's self-healing capability so you can achieve your own Ultimate Health.

For information on ordering God’s Way to Ultimate Health, please click here.

-- from Issue No. 10 of Back to the Garden newsletter

"And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat."

Gen 1:29

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