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Living Well


Living well—what does it mean? To us , it means taking care of your physical, intellectual, and spiritual needs. Each of these components must be healthy for you as a whole person to be healthy. Living well is being able to pursue the lifestyle that you wish—whether this means playing with your children or grandchildren, visiting with friends and family, or having the ability to climb mountains, sing in a choir, or participate in competitive sports.

The living well philosophy is simple. It is a willingness to acknowledge that the most important factor in your health is you—that you can change your health through lifestyle choices.

With a true understanding of AIM’s dynamic Healthy Cell Concept™, you will have the means to make the best choices to achieve optimum health.

The Healthy Cell Concept recognizes that health starts with the basic unit of the body—the cell. Cells group together to form tissues,which group together to form organs which in turn form body systems. Just as we must have a strong foundation to support a home, so we must have "strong" cells to support good health.

Keeping our cells healthy is not difficult—it is simply a matter of living the five truths of the Healthy Cell Concept.



Life gives us choices. We choose where to send our kids to school, where to vacation, and which jobs to take. We choose how to spend our money, which clothes to buy, and what to watch on television. We choose how to balance family, work, and personal needs.

Many of our choices affect our health. Should we skip a meal, grab a burger, or have a salad? Should we ignore a problem, use a drug, or try a supplement?

These choices affect our quality of life. Today’s world is fast-paced, often stressful, and, more often than not, polluted. The right choices are vital if we want to live life as we wish.

The mission of the Living Well concept is to give you the knowledge to make the best possible lifestyle and supplementation decisions to find the solutions to your health concerns. Central to this mission is the Healthy Cell Concept: ensuring that all body cells are in a state of optimum health. The booklet also incorporates body systems and the AIM products; touches on unique considerations for men, women, and seniors; and provides information on lifestyle choices to help you live well.

To help you reap the full benefits of the AIM products, we have designated our products as primary or complementary support for a body system or a unique concern. Primary products are the best possible choice to provide nutritional support for a system or concern. Complementary products enhance the benefits of a primary product, or provide additional support.


Three simple steps to living well

1. Eliminate the lifestyle choices that result in ingesting poisons: unhealthy foods, food additives, impure water, and exposure (if you can) to polluted air. This first step toward living well is flushing the poisons out of our bodies, which is known as detoxification.

Nearly all health disorders are related to poor lifestyle choices. These choices include smoking, alcohol and drug abuse (legal and illegal), poor sleep patterns, stress, environmental factors, and the "standard" diet for many of us—a diet high in unhealthy fats (which may include cholesterol), sugars, and processed foods and low in fiber, fruits, vegetables, and other complex carbohydrates.

2. Replenish your body by living the Healthy Cell Concept:

  • Follow a diet consisting of natural, healthy foods—one that is low in fat (but includes the essential or "good" fats), processed foods, and sugar, and high in pure water, juices, complex carbohydrates (grains), fiber, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Use AIM Herbal Fiberblend™ and the AIM Garden Trio™—AIM Barleygreen™ (green juice), AIM Just Carrots™ (carrot juice), and AIM RediBeets™ (beet juice).

    Herbal Fiberblend™ is important in helping you with the first step of flushing the poisons out of your body. It contains the soluble fiber psyllium and a combination of cleansing herbs for effective and easy detoxification. The AIM Garden Trio™ provides you with the nutrients you need to nurture your cells and to be sure they get proper cell food.

  • Get exercise appropriate to your level of fitness.
  • Limit alcohol consumption and don’t smoke.
  • Avoid pollutants when possible.
  • Foster a healthy attitude in all aspects of your life.

3. Supplement wisely when necessary. The Healthy Cell Concept™ provides what we need to remain healthy. However, there are situations in which further action is needed. For example, if you believe your digestive health is not what it should be, you may wish to try supplements targeting to this system.

If you are in an overly polluted environment in which free radicals are targeting your cells, you may need special antioxidants. (Free radicals damage cells and are kept in check by antioxidants.)

If you feel a need to boost your immune system during the winter months, look for supplements that are a safe and natural way to boost your fighter cells.


What some health professionals are saying

"Taking responsibility for your health is an important step. The Living Well concept is an idea that everyone can understand, and that's what's great about natural medicine; it's accessible. If you're willing to learn and you want to do something that's good for you, learning about the body systems - learning how to support them naturally and nutritionally - can only seek to improve your health and well-being. It's a great way to go and the AIM products are a great part of that plan."
Andrew Myers,
Naturopathic physician

"The prescription for health is simple: nourish and exercise your cells in a healthy environment and protect them from harm. Add a positive mental attitude and the formula is complete. This is the Healthy Cell Concept. The Living Well booklet contains the ingredients that add "Spice" to your quality of life."
Jean Barilla,
B.A., B.S., M.S.

"I believe that AIM is on the cutting edge because now with the Living Well concept, we're getting the individual involved with their own health. We're educating them in how the body systems can best be assisted in their return to health. With AIM we have the products that will do that. AIM is on the cutting edge."
John Shewfelt, D.C.,

"Life begins, is maintained, and ends at the cellular level. So, to me, the Living Well concept means that we want to keep our cells pure, clean, and free from disease. And the way to do that is though nutrition. The Living Well concept takes each system in the body, like the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, the digestive system, and the immune system - all those systems- and targets a natural product to strengthen each one."
Mary Ruth Swope, Ph.D.,
Nutritionnist, author, speaker



"You are what you eat" is a true statement. Nutrition is more than making hunger pangs disappear. In reality, what you must feed are your cells. Life and health depend on optimum cellular nutrition. When your cells are well-nourished, the tissues, organs, and other body parts made from these cells can function properly.

The cells live longer, the organs function longer, and you live longer and enjoy a better quality of life. Living the Healthy Cell Concept and making positive lifestyle choices is a winning combination. All of us at AIM are by your side in this most important journey toward optimum health and living well.

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